One of the biggest problem of our time is the data management. People use multiple devices and each of them store the content. For example most of my images and videos are on my smartphone, my personal laptop got all my music, movies etc and my work laptop got all my work related things. But sometimes I face the situation when I need something from one of my device and it is not accessible.

One solution of such situation is to have the backup of all your content on the cloud storage but it is not advisable if you are having lots of data and you do not know which files you might need. In that scenario, the rescue comes in the form of younity app.

younity: Home Media Server - Hands-on Review

younity is a free app and service available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac OS that let you sync files across your devices and support multiple platforms. All you need to do is to install the software on your computer, Windows or Mac, sign up and then sync the desired location of your computer to be synced to your younity account.

Depending on the amount of data you are having, it will take time accordingly for syncing Once the metadata is synced, you can start accessing it easily. And for the quicker access, younity categorized all content based on the file types too.

Now you need to install the younity app on your Android device, iPhone or iPad and login using the same credential with you signed up for the service. Once logged in, you will start seeing the files on your smartphone or tablet and can easily access them.

The best thing is that you can connect as much devices as you want and access the content of all at one place. All you need to do is to install the younity app on all those devices and login using the same account on all of them.

younity: Home Media Server - Hands-on Review

You can even share any of your files securely with friends who also use younity, right from your smartphone. You can even share your Apple iTunes playlist with other younity users and your friends will be able to stream the music instantly.

younity: Home Media Server - Hands-on Review

Since there is no uploading of the real files is involved, your data is always safe and secured on your devices. All you do is stream the content from one of your device to another. So there is no storage limit at all like the usual cloud storage.

The only major drawback of younity is that it syncs the data from your computers and provide to your smartphone and tablet, it does not happen vice versa. Also if multiple devices are connected to your account, it does not show the files based on the device where it is stored. Instead of that, it shows all your available files together.

Overall, younity is a great and very useful application as instead of just accessing your files, it also comes with lots of nice features lie privacy, unlimited usage, files and iTunes playlist sharing etc.