Microsoft Build 2016 is still going on in San Francisco but there are a lots of people who have missed the event due to the limited availability of the tickets or economical problems. So if you are a developer and want to be present at the Microsoft Build 2016 you now have a chance, Build will be also taking place at nine more cities later this year.

Microsoft Build 2016 taking place at this cities will be a free one day event. Here are the cities where Build Tour will be taking place: 
  • London, UK 
  •  Melbourne, Australia 
  •  Toronto, Canada 
  •  Barcelona, Spain
  •  Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  •  Warsaw, Poland 
  •  Pune, India 
  •  Moscow, Russia 
  •  Tokyo, Japan
The dates of the events for each city will be announced later and the registrations will begin on 25th April, 2016.