Most of you guys use WhatsApp on your phone. Me too, but when I work on notebook it feels really irritating when I have to check messages on my phone. So how can we solve it? You may think about BlueStacks. But if you install WhatsApp on BlueStacks you won't be able to use WhatsApp on your phone anymore because you can use only one WhatsApp account at a time.

A few of you also know about WhatsApp web and its a good idea. But while using WhatsApp web you need to keep your browser open all the time and you will only get notifications when the browser is open.

There's another way and I feel that is the best way. However when using this process you must keep mobile data or Wi-Fi on all the time in your smartphone. This process is a bit same like WhatsApp but it is still better. Checkout this video to get details of the process about how to install WhatsApp on your Windows PC or Apple Mac OS X.

HOW TO : Install WhatsApp on Windows 8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X without BlueStacks

Step 1 - If you are a Windows user, click the link below and save the file on your notebook/desktop. You can choose between 32 bit or 64 bit options.

For 32 bit Windows click here

For 64 bit Windows click here

If you use a Macbook, download the application for OS X by cliking the below link.

Download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Step 2 - After the downloading is finished, open the folder where you have saved the file and then Double Click or run the 'WhatsappSetup' file. Now you need to wait till the installation finishes.

Step 3 - Once done, WhatsApp will run on your PC. But wait, we are not done yet. Now open the WhatsApp on your smartphone and find the 'WhatsApp Web' option in the main menu.

Step 4 - Tap on the WhatsApp Web option and scan the QR code that comes in your PC's screen using your phone.

Step 5 - Now WhatsApp will load all your recent chats! Wait a bit and when loading finishes you can message anyone on WhatsApp from your PC now. You can also click on your profile picture and from there you can change it or your status too. Be sure to keep your Mobile data or Wi-Fi on so that it can synchronize all your messages.

If there is any problem leave a comment below or watch the video tutorial above that we have recorded for your help.