If you are a social media user then, you should be knowing about the IFTTT tool. IFTTT stands for If This Then That and let user automate tasks based on the provided condition and triggers, justifying its name.

And now, Microsoft has launched a similar tool called Microsoft Flow in public preview phase. Just like IFTTT, Microsoft Flow let you connect your accounts on various apps and then let you perform automated task on them based on the trigger condition provided by you.

Microsoft Flow : A New Tool to Automate Online Tasks like IFTTT

You can connect Microsoft apps and services like OneDrive, Office, SharePoint etc. along with the external apps and services like Twitter, Box, Facebook, Slack, Google Drive etc. too. Currently, total 35 different services are available to use in the Microsoft Flow and more services will be integrated soon.

Using the Microsoft Flow, a user can set up notifications across various platforms, sync up folders and data in different programs , automate the software approvals, manage the data from Twitter and many more tasks to become more productive easily.

Microsoft Flow : A New Tool to Automate Online Tasks

Microsoft has also listed some tasks you can automate using the Flow app like copy files between your OneDrive and Dropbox accounts, search tweets for particular keywords and then archive those tweets to SQL, receive a SMS notification whenever a particular person emails you, copy Salesforce leads data into Dynamics CRM and much more.

Microsoft Flow is currently available as public preview and you can sign up for it by visiting the below link.