Smartwatch are the most popular gadget these days and kids love to sport them a lot, even my nephew just love all of my smartwatches. Noticing this, Xiaomi has launched a new smartwatch designed and developed specially for the kids.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is the latest offering by Xiaomi and it comes with built-in GPS, embedded unicom SIM to make an receive calls and many other features, specially for the kids. This smartwatch is compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.2 above.

Xiaomi launches Mi Bunny Smartwatch for Kids - Features, Hardware Specs and Price

Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch let kids make and receive calls using the unicom SIM. The phonebook in this smartwatch can store up to 12 people’s contact details. There is built-in GPS along with the GLONASS standard. There is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality provided for connectivity.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch comes with multiple and redundant positioning capabilities. It automatically tracks kids every day, records the data history and also records the routes followed by kids continuously for three months.

Since this smartwatch is designed for the kid, it has a panic button that sends an emergency distress signal to parents when the kid is in danger of any kind. That distress signal also includes the position data and 7 seconds of recording of environment around the kid to let parent understand the situation quickly. All of the local data, transmitted data and the data stored in the Mi Cloud are all encrypted to better privacy and security.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch comes with a 300 mAh battery and it is claimed to run for six days in one full charge. The price of Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is 299 Yuan ($46 approx.) and it comes in bright blue and pink colors.

So, we can see that Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is basically a kids security gadget with some extra features and designed well to attract kids and make them use it.