Whenver there is new OS update comes, brands and developers talk about the most important features in terms of design and UI. But every OS update comes with lots of smaller changes in the UI, settings etc. that enhances the user experience a lot. And these small changes are what really improves the overall experience.

When Apple announced the iOS 10 two days back, the most talked about thing was Emojis. But there is also a long list of smaller changes that you will find in iOS 10.

Hidden and Secret Features of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

We have already posted about that now you can delete pre-installed stock Apple apps on your iPhone and can also download them again from the App Store to install. You can also customze the iMessage read receipt now as per contact basis. Also the removal of Game Center and Control Center making use of 3D Touch are few more new features included in the iOS 10.

Here is a list of 65 hidden and secret features of iOS 10 that were not shared during the WWDC 2016 event but you will find them on your device and will love them for sure as well.

Hidden and Secret Features of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

1. Air Quality Index for China

2. Notes Collaboration

3. Unlimited Tabs in Safari Browser

4. Male and Female Siri Voices for Russia, Spain and Italy

5. Definition Dictionary in Danish Language

6. Live Photos Stabilization

7. Markup in iMessages

8. Read Receipts by Conversation in iMessages

9. iCloud Drive Desktop Folder

10. Side-by-Side Mail Compose in iPad

11. Location Suggestions in Calendar Application

12. New iPad Camera UI

13. iCloud Drive Documents Folder

14. Bilingual Dictionaries in Dutch and Italian

15. Faster FaceTime Connectivity

16. CarPlay App Reordering

17. Split View in Safari Browser on iPad

18. Rest & Type Keoboard in iPad

19. Home Screen Widgets in 3D Touch Quick Actions

20. Mailbox Column

21. Mail Suggested Move Folder

22. Air Quality in Maps Application for China

23. Found in Messages

24. Brilliance Adjustment Slider in Photos App

25. Mail Filters Option

26. Live Filters for Live Photos

27. Conversation View in Mail App

28. Discover in iBooks

29. Improved Auto-Enhance in Photos

30. CarPlay on Ultra Wide Screens

31. Bedtime Alarm

32. Siri in South Africa and Ireland Regions

33. Definition Dictionary in Traditional Chinese Language

34. Live Photos Editing

35. Avoid Toll Booths in Maps

36. Widgets on Left Side of Home screen and on Lock Screen

37. Low Intensity, Medium Intensity, High Intensity options for Torch/Flashlight App

38. New File Management System called ‘Apple File System’

39. Apple Pay in Safari Browser

40. Re-download Stock Apple Apps from App Store

41. Panes in Control Center

42. Faster Files Attachment Sending in Messages

43. No Game Center App.

44. Delete Pre-installed Stock Apple Apps

45. Sort Favorites in News App

46. Faster Camera Launching Time

47. Continuity Clipboard

48. Autocorrect Improvements for Korean and Thai Languages

49. New Animations for Opening and Closing Apps

50. 3D Touch in Control Center

51. New Back Key

52. New Folder View

53. Categories Tab in App Store

54. "Slide to Unlock" is Removed from Lock screen, Replaced by “Press Home to unlock”

55. Read Receipts for Individual Contacts in Messages

56. New Keyboard Keypress Sound

57. Cellular Data Option in 3D Touch Quick Actions

58. Take Photos while Listening to music

59. Optimized Storage for Music

60. Today View in Notification Center Removed from iPhone, still there on iPad

61. Live Video Streaming from Apps and Games and Screen-casting in ReplayKit

62. iPad as Hub for HomeKit instead of Apple TV

63. Get Alerts on Car Parking Location

64. In-line Video Playback in Messages, Safari Browser and other apps

65. RAW Format Support in Camera App

So which one out of these iOS 10 features are your favorite and you are excited to try on your iPhone and iPad?