When it comes to smartphone hardware specs, people just love to go for the high-end smartphones with huge specifications. Recently lots of smartphones are coming out with a massive 6 GB of RAM and so it is expected that the multitasking performance of those smartphones like OnePlus 3, LeEco Le Max 2 etc. will be better than other smartphones with less RAM.

But what we see on paper can not be related to the performance of the device sometimes. The performance of the device depends on lots of factors including the OS and UI optimization as well.

OnePlus 3 vs iPhone 6S : SPEED TEST (Video)

We have already compared OnePlus 3 with few latest high-end smartphones like LeEco Le Max 2, Xiaomi Mi5 and even OnePlus 2 to see how good they are with respect to each other in terms of hardware specs.

And here is a speed test video of OnePlus 3 with iPhone 6S comparing the speed of these two smartphones. As we all know, iPhone 6S is nearly an year old and having less aount of RAM too.

So it would be interesting to see that which device is performing better. Watch the below video and MUST READ the clarification given below the video player to understand this video well.

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OnePlus 3 vs iPhone 6S : SPEED TEST (Video)

Surprisingly, iPhone 6S performs better than the OnePlus 3 in this speed test and also the multitasking performance is better. Also, the apps on OnePlus 3 seem to start each time fresh instead of coming out from the background. But why it is happening when OnePlus 3 is having better hardware specs and more amount of RAM?

As mentioned above, it is because of the OS and UI optimization. OnePlus designed OnePlus 3 with a different strategy for RAM management that benefits battery. So it closes the apps running very frequently and limits the multitasking capability.

Few OnePlus 3 user brought this issue to Twitter and then OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei also tweeted about mentioning that “we have a different strategy for RAM management that benefits battery". And this is what causing the OnePlus 3 to perform poor when it comes to multitasking as the 6GB RAM is designed to improve the performance the camera and many other modules of OnePlus 3.
But if you are a geek and love to play with your smartphones then you can root your OnePlus 3 to edit its build.prop file. It will make you change the app limits and number of apps running in the background. Once done, your OnePlus 3 will be capable of handling more than twice of apps it can handle now and multitasking performance will be improved for sure.

But keep in mind that it will negatively affect the battery performance of OnePlus 3 too.

So which one you will prefer to have, more battery life or better multitasking capability?