Facebook is always coming up with new features to make it interesting for users to use its services and apps. Earlier Facebook came out with a Reminder apps function in the Messenger app. They also introduced the hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger.

And now when the UEFA Euro 2016 is going on, Facebook introduced a hidden soccer/football in Facebook Messenger app for its users. And Facebook is calling it #KeepyUpChallenge as the aim of this game is to keep the football up in the air as much as possible.

HOW TO : Enable and Play Hidden Soccer / Football Game in Facebook Messenger

If you are a soccer/football fan or just would like to play this hidden football game in Facebook Messenger then, below is a step-by-step guide how to do it.

Follow the instructions and do not forget to share this article with your friends, so they play the hidden soccer/football game on Facebook Messenger with their contacts too.

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HOW TO : Enable and Play Hidden Soccer / Football Game in Facebook Messenger

1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone.

2. Start a new conversation or go to an existing conversation on Messenger app.

3. Open the Emoji section and send the football or soccer emoji to your friend. You will find usually in the Activity tab of the emojis.

4. Once the emoji is sent and the soccer/football emoji appeared as part of the conversation, tap on it to start the game.

5. Now, keep tapping on the ball to keep it up in the air and try to achieve maximum score.

The more times you tap the ball to keep it in the air, the more points you will get. Your high score achieved in this hidden football/soccer game on Facebook Messenger will be shared with the friend or friends you're playing with in the Messenger conversation too.