The basic function of Facebook Messenger or any instant messaging app is to send and receive messages. But if there are extra features available then it is always welcomed.

Facebook has recently introduced the chat bot feature. If you are having a a Facebook Page then you should be seeing this feature that let you auto-reply to your Facebook Page fans when they message. We have also shared few tricks earlier using which you can play chess on Facebook Messenger.

And now you can use Facebook Messenger as a reminder application too. A new chat bot Jarvis is available now that take your commands for reminding you and reminds you as requested. Though the name of this app is Jarvis, it is not as smart as Iron Man’s AI and can do only reminding work with simple commands.

HOW TO : Use Facebook Messenger as Reminder App

When you use Jarvis chat bot for the first time on Facebook Messenger, it will ask you from which city you are to know your timezone and location. Once you tell Jarvis you city, it will tell you the current time in your timezone to confirm it. Though these are the only simple settings in this tool, they are required to remind you at the correct time exactly.

Once the city and timezone setup is done, you can set reminder by sending simple commands as text message to Jarvis like “Remind me to walk the dog in 5 minutes”. Once received, Jarvis will reply back repeating the command and time that he understood it correctly and will remind you with a short message regarding the task you asked for.

To use Jarvis chat bot on Facebook Messenger, just go to and start using it from there. You can also search for Hello Jarvis on Facebook Messenger’s web version or on Android and iOS applications.

The only drawback is that there is no option to cancel a single reminder you have set and you need to use the “Delete all reminders” option to cancel them.