Le India Sends Invitation for an Upcoming Mysterious Event

In a recent email to us, LeEco India has send an invite for a event. Interestingly, the event is scheduled on June 8th at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. Not just me, my fellow writers from many other blogs like International Business Times are also confused on what the event may be.

Also, as just a few days ago LeEco launched it's new LeEco 1S so the event is still mysterious for us as there is high chances that it may not be another smartphone launch event.

When we asked their media representative about the matter she said more information will be coming soon. As of now we are guessing that it may be a launch event for the new Le flagship devices (i.e. new generation Le Max devices) but that's just an assumption so take it with a grain of salt.

Whatever, the event will be, Geeky Stuffs team will be there at the launch event to get you the news. So let's just wait till June 8th.