One of the many features of Facebook is that it provides the read receipts of the messages sent on the Facebook Messenger/Chat or to a user's inbox. So, you will come to know exactly when someone checked your message by a small timestamp notification appearing below your message as “Seen 10:10 PM “.

Though it is a nice feature but sometimes you may not want this information to be shared with the person who sent you the message. Facebook provide no such option to turn off the Seen receipts on Facebook Chat, Messenger or Facebook Messages. But now you can do that easily with the help of a useful Chrome browser extension.

HOW TO : Disable Seen / Read Receipts on Facebook Messages and Chat

There are few such tools available using which you can disable the seen receipts on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messages. I have tried few of them and sharing the one which works perfectly for me and having the best feature. So if you are interested in getting rid of the Facebook Messages/Messenger's Seen receipts then, just follow the instructions given below.

HOW TO : Disable Facebook Messages, Messenger and Chat's Seen or Read Receipts

1. First of all, visit the link given below and install the FB Unseen Google Chrome extension by clicking on the "Add to Chrome" button on the page.

Install the FB Unseen Chrome Extension

2. Once the extension is installed and enabled on your browser, go to the Chrome browser menu --> Tools --> Extensions.

3. From the list of the extensions installed on your Chrome browser, look for the FB Unseen extension. Click on the “Option” link below the name of the extension.

4. Now, on the extension settings page you can customize it according to your requirements. After finishing the setting you can start using the Facebook without worrying about the "Seen" receipts on Facebook Messages and Facebook Messenger.

The best thing about this Chrome extension is that you will still receive the Seen receipts for the messages you send and you will have th ability to mark a message as "Seen" manually.

You can even disable the typing indicator of the Facebook Chat which appears on your Facebook friend’s chat window when you type on Facebook Messenger to inform your friend that you are typing a message.