One of the best thing about Android smartphones is the amount of nice apps they get from the developers. Though BlackBerry is a major smartphone brand, very few smartphone apps and games are available for them.

BlackBerry recently launched Z10 which is getting popularity among users now. Still when it comes to smartphone apps, BlackBerry Z10 is still nowhere close to the Android or iPhone. But now you can install  the Android apps on BlackBerry Z10 and Playbook tablet or any other BlackBerry 10 OS device.

HOW TO : Install Android Apps on BlackBerry Z10 and Playbook
You will have to go through a small workaround to make Android apps working on your BlackBerry Z10 or any BlackBerry 10 OS device. You will need the BlackBerry Link and Java on your computer for this purpose. So if you are not having them yet on your computer then install them first and then follow the instructions given below.

HOW TO : Install Android Apps on BlackBerry Z10, Playbook Tablet or Any BlackBerry 10 OS Device

1. On your BlackBerry Z10, go to the Settings –-> Security & Privacy –-> Development Mode. Now, turn it on. It may ask to put a password on your device first to turn on the Development Mode.

2. Connect your BlackBerry Z10 to your computer using the USB cable.

3. Open the web browser on your computer and go to

4. Click on the “Playbook and BB10 Apps”. Now, read the instructions on the page and download the “ddpb.msi” file from the link given on the page and install it.

5. Now, browse and selects an app which you would like to install on your BlackBerry Z10 device. Click on the Download button to save the .bar file on your computer.

6. Click on the DDPB shortcut on your computer to run it.

7. Once the DDPB interface is open, click on the “Scan” button. It will automatically track IP Address of your BlackBerry Z10 and will fill it up. Or just enter the IP address and password you have used while activating the Development Mode. Click on the “Connect” button after that.

HOW TO : Install Android Apps on BlackBerry Z10 and Playbook

8. Now, click on the “Add” button. Browse and add the .bar app file which you have downloaded earlier. You can add multiple files together too.

9. Once the app files are added, click on the “Install” button. It will start installing the app on your BlackBerry 10 device.

10. You can see the progress of the app installation on the DDPB UI. Once it shows the “Done” message on the screen, remove your BlackBerry Z10 or Playbook from the computer and check for the new apps installed.