Blogger has recently announced the integration of the Google+ Comments on Blogger blogs. This is a great way to increase engagement on your blog as if you share the link of a post on Google+ and it receives comments there then, those comments will also appear on the blog post.

Officially the integration of Google+ Comments is available for the Blogger blogs only and Google gave no information about this feature to be available on other blogging platform. But there is a method available now using which you can integrate the Google+ Comments on any website easily.

HOW TO : Enable Google+ Comments on Any Website

All you have to do is to add a small line of code on your blog to make Google+ Comments appear on your blog. There are HTML and HTML5 codes available to perform the same task and you can put three different types of Google+ Comments on your blog, so just select the one according to your preference or website type.

Just follow the instructions given below on how to integrate Google+ Comments on your blog. I am also sharing the method to enable the Google Plus Comments on Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

HOW TO : Enable Google+ Comments on Any Website or Blogging Platform

HOW TO : Enable Google+ Comments on Blogger Blogs

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on the Google+ tab on the left sidebar menu.

3. Now, just check the option "Use Google+ Comments."

Your Blogger blog will have the new Google+ Comments now. But keep in mind that to use the Google+ Comments on your Blogger blog, you need to have your Blogger account connected to Google+ and you should be using the default Blogger comments.

For the rest of the blogging platforms and websites, the method to integrate the Google+ Comments is given below.

HOW TO : Enable Google+ Comments on Any Website

1. Edit the template of your website and place this code in it at the location where you want the Google+ Comments to appear. You can even directly put the code inside a post as well. That is what I have done for Google+ Comments in this post.

Do not forget to replace the [URL] with the URL of your web page or blog post on which you are going to add the Google+ Comments. You can also use the width parameter to adjust the width of the comment box.

HTML Version

<script src="">

HTML5 Version

<script src="">
<div class="g-comments"

2. If you want to display a comments counter to show how many comments the post got, add this code in your template.

HTML Version - Replace the <g:comments> with below code

<g:commentcount href="[URL]"></g:commentcount>

HTML5 Version - Replace the <div class="g-comments"> with below code

<div class="g-commentcount" data-href="[URL]"></div>

You will have to verify the Google Authorship for this. You can do that just by linking your Google+ profile page from your website if your Google Authorship is not verified yet.

And if you would like to load the Google+ Comments and the Counter dynamically on your website, insert the below HTML code in your website template.

Dynamic Google+ Comments

<div id="comments"></div>
gapi.comments.render('comments', {
href: window.location,
width: '624',
first_party_property: 'BLOGGER',

Dynamic Google+ Comments Counter

<div id="commentscounter"></div>
gapi.commentcount.render('commentscounter', {
href: window.location

You can have a look on the below Google+ Comments integration for this post. It should look like this after enabling the Google+ Comments on your blog. Feel free to leave some comments below to see it in action.