With blogs, social media, and SEO taking the spotlight, many businesses look at email marketing as something that’s outdated and old-fashioned.

Why would you want to spend your money on something that isn’t the hip new trend of the week?.... Short answer:  because it works.

Now, we’re not talking about spam here. No one likes having their inbox cluttered with tons of pleas to “Save This Weekend Only!” or “Try Us Today” from companies they’ve never heard about. But when businesses use email marketing as a way to further build relationships with customers they already know to be interested, it can be incredibly effective – especially when you factor in cost.

Best Email Marketing Software

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association says that email marketing’s ROI is a staggering 4,300%!

You still have to find the right software to use for your email marketing, though, and that’s where we come in. Here are five of the very best  email marketing software out there.

Best Email Marketing Software for Affiliate Marketers


This email marketing software caters to users of all levels. If you’re someone who wouldn’t know a .com from an .org and think html is the way texters abbreviate “hate mail,” MailChimp will walk you through the process and has plenty of templates for you to choose from. But experts love it, too, because MailChimp is completely customizable and offers a wide array of tools to use.

Paid plans go for anywhere from $15 to $240 each month. They also offer a free plan for fewer than 2,000 subscribers with up to 12,000 emails.


With 25MB of space to host your images, campaign reporting in real time, and online survey support, there’s a lot to like about VerticalResponse. For startups who don’t have a lot of money lying around, they also have one of the least expensive paid plans around -- $8.50 per month. And they’re the only piece of software on this list that lets you skip the monthly fee and buy emails “a la carte.” For each email sent, you’ll pay somewhere between 1.5 and .75 cents, depending on the number of emails.


This email marketing software offers the best free deal with up to 15,000 emails a month to as many as 5,000 subscribers. While many services offer generic templates for you to pick from, ReachMail actually assigns a designer to work with you to create a free custom template.

Another unique feature is the Survey Tool, which is simple to use without any coding. It also boasts detailed, reporting and a robust feature set, including social media sharing, message testing, auto-responders, transactional emails, and an API.


One of the biggest benefits this email marketing software offers is the ease with which you can incorporate social media into your emails – something that will only become more important as time goes on. The software is also incredibly easy to use and is very helpful for people who like keeping track of data because it has export capabilities that other companies don’t.

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Okay, let’s see a show of hands. Who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing in the world of email marketing? Well, newbie, Benchmark may be for you. Practically anyone can pick it up and start using it comfortably right from the get-go, since the creators take great pains to help you craft a successful campaign step-by-step. But don’t think ease means you won’t be able to do much. This program is fully functional and includes ways to incorporate coupons, newsletters, surveys, social media, and more.