Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics software for small, medium and large businesses that Google provides free of charge. It offers some truly great features that allow webmasters to really get to see how their website performs online, who their customers are and where they come from.

While the core features have not changed too much over the years, the integration of certain add-ons and embellishments are definitely apparent, making the tool even more useful than ever. Custom Reports are a fantastic tool that Google Analytics offers and it can really help all online marketers gain effective insight into their online marketing activities.

One of the greatest swings of the Google Analytics has been an increased level of customisation, and this is evident from the Custom Reports feature that can be generated.

Using the Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Why Should You Use Custom Reports?

In simple terms custom reports allows online marketing professionals to create specified reports for clients. Through custom reports you can create tailored reports to view specific data and metrics depending on what you want to look at.

This means that if you want to look at Adwords specifically, you can create a customized report that will look solely at that data. Furthermore you can drill down into this data which can include campaigns, ad groups, keywords and also engagement metrics.

Custom reports are typically formulated by utilising ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Metrics’. Dimensions can be defined as your visitor attributes such as browser, traffic resource, exit page, keyword, session duration, screens etc.). ‘Metrics’ on the other hand can be taken as the real data which is amassed such as clicks, impressions, click through rate and conversions.

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What Can Be Done With The Data?

Business owners and search engine marketing professionals can take advantage of this data as it delivers them a greater insight into their online marketing activities. Reports can be created around Google Adwords, SEO, organic traffic, email marketing, social media and more. It allows anyone with the good analytics skills to really understand the performance of any online marketing campaigns.

By using the Custom Report tool from Google Analytics you are free to craft, save and edit your data if you need to get a deeper view. You are able to select the information that you would like to see, prepared and planned in just the way you want it. This can be hugely beneficial when needing to convey to a manger of client how various campaigns are performing.

Key Benefits

The first and foremost benefit of Google Analytics Custom Reports is that it saves time. It gives the ability to save online marketers mass amounts of reporting time by having all the relevant data gathered and presented effectively. Also you can plot the data against last month’s statistics which then allows you to really see a clear picture of month on month performance.

Also shelf life of each Google Analytics custom report is decided by the analyst and it is there for them to pick out as and when that data is required, for a time period that you want to compare.

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