Whether your treasured vinyl collection has pride of place on shelves in your home or they're stored away collecting dust in your loft, unless you have a stereo system with a turntable, the chances are that you're not getting the chance to play the music you love.

As well as not being played, there's also a risk that this collection could one day get damaged or lost, and all that time and money you spent investing in your music will be lost forever.

Thankfully, that doesn't have to be the case. You can now buy equipment that allows you to simply and efficiently convert your old records into digital files that you can store on computers or a separate hard drive. You can also then put these files onto a CD or mp3 player, so you can play and enjoy the music time after time.

HOW TO : Convert Your Music from Vinyl to Digital MP3

There are a wide variety of vinyl record players available on the market today, each in distinctive designs to suit various tastes and with a number of different features. Some are equipped with built in CD burners that allow you to move the audio directly from the record to the disc. This can then be loaded into your computer for storage.

More commonly, the vinyl to digital system will have a USB port and cables that allow you to connect it directly to your computer, laptop or other storage device. While some systems require you to download a driver on your computer, many of the more advanced models require little or no set-up. You simply connect the two devices and follow the straightforward onscreen instructions that come with the turntable you've purchased.

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The audio files contained on the record are immediately recognised by the software, so start to download onto your computer immediately. The process can obviously take a while, depending on how many vinyl records you own, but the once complete, you'll have them stored in a safe, secure format that allows you to use them in a number of different ways.

Two of the most popular manufacturers of vinyl record players are Ion and Neostar, which have USB turntables on the market from less than £50. As well as being an easy way of converting your music, these stereo systems will allow you to play your old records for that authentic vinyl sound.

So if your tired of your records collecting dust, why not convert them from vinyl to digital today?

Written by James Stephens, a music and technology lover from MirrorReaderOffers.co.uk