For many people music is a true passion, whether it's making music in a basement, having fun with friends, or just sitting back and listening to a few tunes. With so much attention on music, the market for music gadgets is at an all-time high and there are many products that do incredible things. Still, the best music gadgets are the ones that stand head and shoulders above the rest, offering something that has real value for consumers. Here are three that are definitely in the “best of the best” category.

Best 3 Music Gadgets on the Market

Top 3 Music Gadgets on the Market

Hey DJ…

With nearly everybody wanting to be a DJ these days, the first piece of equipment for a budding club sensation to buy is a good mixer. Newbies may want to start out on a cheaper piece, but for those that know their stuff, the Denon DN-X1600 is the best on the market in terms of value. A price tag of around £600 delivers a state of the art 4-channel setup that will do everything a DJ needs until they hit it big and go with a high-end professional model. The DN-X1600 can mix video and audio, has tons to input options, and full 24-bit output for top notch sound. It may not be the cheapest >music gadget out there, but a DJ armed with the DN-X1600 can learn all the ins and outs of mixing and will be able to put together professional recordings in the comfort of their own home.

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The iPad and other tablet devices are quickly taking the world by storm and countless music gadgets have been invented to augment what these devices are capable of. One of the best to hit the market is the Soulo AM71 Karaoke. The combination hardware/software gadget turns any tablet into a full karaoke machine and can fuel the party all night long. Rather than just being a basic karaoke microphone, the Soulo gadget takes things fully to the next level. With video capability, home music videos can be made. Other features included that are of note for any karaoke lover are real-time pitch enhancement for perfect on key singing and the ability to suppress vocals on any song in a person's music library.

Kick back, relax…

Sometimes, the best music gadget is just the one that will play music flawlessly for simple listening. While a person can literally pay as much as they want for a home hi-fi system, there are some new gadgets that can go a long way in making the music sound as good as possible. One such product that has been getting rave reviews is the Monster Beats studio headphones made by the Dr. Dre Pro Studio. The classically cool design and superior hardware make this pair of headphones the clear choice if a person wants to never miss a note. The Monster Beats can handle heavy bass, looks great on the street, and folds up for easy transport. Even with a hefty price tag of around £100, these headphones are worth every penny for an amazing music listening experience.

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Music gadgets come and go all the time and few actually deliver on the promises they make. These three gadgets are the real deal and show just what is capable from the continued advancement of music technology.

This article was written by Jon Dennis, a music and gadget obsessive who currently works for DV247 specialise in music equipment including brands such as Gibson and Fender.