There are lots of instant messaging smartphones apps are available and Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular one for sure, thanks to the huge userbase of Facebook. Though most of the people will consider spending time on Facebook Messenger is just for time killing and casual chatting, it can be used for some brain exercise as well now.

Facebook Messenger comes with an in-built chess games which you can play with your Facebook friends. Though there are already few messaging apps like Tango available that let you play games with your friends while having a conversation with them, it is nice to see Facebook Messenger is also having this feature but limited to only game.

So if you are excited enough to know how to play the hidden chess game on Facebook Messenger with your friends, here is a step-by-step tutorial for that.

HOW TO : Enable the Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

1. Start a conversation on Facebook Messenger with the person you want to play the game of chess against.

2. Type “@fbchess play” without quotes and send it as the message to your friend.

HOW TO : Enable the Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

3. Now the hidden game of chess will be enabled in Facebook Messenger. You and your friend will be selected randomly as Black or White to start your first move.

4. To make a move on Facebook Messenger chess game, you will need to use the initial of the name of the piece and the position of tile on which you want to move it. For example, to move Queen to the tile in the column “e” of 5th row type the below command and send as message.

@fbchess Qe5

5. To know all the options and commands available in the hidden Facebook Messenger chess game, type and send “@fbchess help” without quotes as message.

HOW TO : Enable the Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

6. You can play the game until one of you wins it or as shown above, you could enter the commands “@fbchess draw claim” to claim a draw, “@fbchess draw offer” to offer a draw and “@fbchess resign” to resign from the game.

Facebook Messenger Chess game is obviously totally free, works perfectly in group chats too and it is alaos available on Android and iPhone Messenger apps as well.