We all know that 16 GB of internal memory in any smartphone is not sufficient these days. First, out of 16 GB the user available memory is only around 12 GB and if you record HD videos and play high-end games then this 12 GB will be full in just few days.

Due to this, nearly every smartphone with this much amount of internal storage provides the option of microSD card slot and let user expand the memory according to their need. But one reason Apple is infamous for that iPhones do not come with this option.

So if you are having an iPhone with 16GB internal memory then either you are going to suffer or buy another smartphone – either another iPhone with higher storage capacity or another smartphone with expandable storage running on Android or Windows Phone platform.

HOW TO : Upgrade 16 GB iPhone to 128 GB in $60 Only

But now there is one more option available for you. You can increase the memory of an iPhone from 16 GB to 128 GB easily by just spending $60 and 30 minutes of your life. But you need to go to the Shenzhen market in China.

If you do not know Shenzhen is the core of the technology in the world and having the factories of nearly every smartphone manufacturer in the world. And due to this, this place is filled with the technology and options available for a tech and gadget lover.

Usually the price difference between the 16 GB version and 128 GB version of iPhone is around $200 but if you are visiting the Shenzhen market, you can upgrade your iPhone from 16 GB internal storage to 128 GB just by paying $60.

The process of iPhone internal storage upgrade needs the iPhone to be taken apart piece-by-piece and then a Toshiba storage chip to be embedded in the device and then bring back the device in its original form.

Below is a video showing the process of increasing the memory of iPhone from 16 GB to 128 GB.

The good thing is that this process works perfectly, not much time consuming and saves lots of money too. The only downside that is pretty obvious too that it voids the warranty of your Apple iPhone.

But if you are willing to ignore this, this is really a great deal to expand and upgrade the memory of your iPhone from 16 GB to 128 GB in the cheapest way possible.