Technology is becoming part of our life more and more. It is easy to see that people are getting addicted to the Internet, social media and their gadgets like smartphone, tablets and gaming consoles. Though technology is having lots of benefits, there are clearly visible negative effects as well.

Messed up sleep, reduced attention span, reduced direct communication, urge to get noticed on social media for every activity and moment of your life are just few of them. Due to this Ed Sheeran, decided to stay away from the Internet and social media for a while and many fans are trying to follow his footsteps too. is an evidence-based productivity website and blog providing advice on how to improve productivity has recently developed a Digital Detox plan to guide people how to stay away from the Internet, gadgets etc. are spend more time away from the screens.

They have also created an infographic about how to beat the Facebook addiction by showing the inappropriate times when people use the Facebook because of their social media and Facebook addiction. If you are also suffering from the urges to use Facebook all the time and then you can have a look on this infographic to see whether you are also a Facebook addict and need some time away from it.

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How to Beat the Facebook Addiction (Infographic) -
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