Facebook is getting bigger and bigger everyday. People use it for various purpose like staying in touch with family and friends, for marketing purpose, for business and many more. And the latest purpose for which you can use Facebook is to send secret and hidden messages to your Facebook friends.

There is a nice and useful Google Chrome browser extension is available which works as a steganography tool for hiding secret messages in the photos on Facebook. Using this tool, you can send a secret message to your Facebook friend. All you need to do is to install this extension on your Chrome browser, ask your friend to do the same, hide a secret message in an image and share it with you friend.

The best thing about this method is that it is protected by a password. So it is safer than the private Facebook messages as even if somebody gets access to your or your friend's account, that person can never get the hidden message in the Facebook picture if he/she is not having the password. Sounds great? Then just follow the step by step procedure to hide a secret message in Facebook photos.

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HOW TO : Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos

1. First of all, close the Facebook tab if it is open on your Chrome browser and then download the Secretbook extension on your Google Chrome browser from the link given below. Ask your friend to do the same.

Download the Secretbook Chrome Extension

2. Now, go to the Facebook and press CTRL+ALT+A keys together and a pop-up window will appear on the screen as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos

3. Select the image which you would like to post on your Facebook friend's wall with the hidden message. It is better to use a high quality image of at least, 920 x 720px is the recommended size.

4. One you select the picture a pop-up notification will appear telling you how many characters you can hide in that particular pic. Type your secret message in the "Message To Hide" box.

HOW TO : Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos

5. Now, enter the password in the "Shared Password" box. After that click on the "Create and Download" button. The image with the secret message will be downloaded on your computer now.

6. Upload this new image to any of your Facebook album and share the picture with your friend  or just post it on your friend's Facebook wall with whom you wanna share the secret message. Keep in mind that this extension does not support  if you send this picture in Facebook messages. You will always have to either upload it to your wall, on some album or on your friend's wall.

7. Now, give the password you entered in the step 5 to your friend. Ask your friend to open the image with secret message on Chrome browser and then press the CTRL+ALT+A keys together.

HOW TO : Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos
8. Your friend will see a popup message on the screen asking for the password as shown in the above image.

9. Once the password is entered correctly, the hidden message will be decoded and appear on the screen.

HOW TO : Hide Secret Messages in Facebook Photos
Though this method is a bit lengthy but you can have peace of mind that this method is really secure as it uses a common thing like Facebook images about which nobody will be suspicious and it is password protected too. So, what is your opinion bout this hiding the secret messages in Facebook images? Share your views in the Comments section below.