Computers and Internet are two of the biggest inventions in the history of the mankind. Though when it comes to Internet, many people think about social media only and then blame the Internet for being a time killer. But the Internet is much more than that.

Like anything else, Internet is also having its pros and cons. Internet is a time killer for sure if you do not use it properly. It can also cause many other issues as our daily life activities are very much dependant on the Internet these days. But yeah, you do not need to worry that something like the movie Antisocial will ever happen.

But if there was no Internet, there would not be thousands of online jobs, no instant travel ticket reservations, no online source of information like Wikipedia, Google etc. Also, you would not get the news instantly on your computer or smartphones, there would be no YouTube to entertain you, no Internet marketing and you would not be reading this very bog right now on your computer or smartphone screen connected to the Internet.

You can imagine now that our life would simply suck without the Internet. Here is a nice infographic about how much important role Internet is playing in our life and what our life would be without the Internet?

Have a look on the below infographic by and feel free to share your views about the benefits and negative effects of the Internet in the Comments section.

Why Life Without the Internet Would Suck ( Infographic )

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