In the online and digital world, getting an account to be banned is very common. Social media sites, online forums, instant messengers etc. they all ban users for various users. And when it comes to gaming, it is not an exception as well.

And since Pokemon Go is one of the most poplar game right now, we are going to talk about it here. Pokemon Go also bans its users for whatever reasons. And since this game is so addictive that nobody wants to get banned from playing it, we are going to tell how to unban a Pokemon Go banned account.

The process involving to remove ban from a banned Pokemon Go account is actually very easy but a bit time consuming. Also since it is a bug, Niantic or Nintendo can fic it anytime. But till then, you can use this trick to unban a banned Pokemon Go account easily.

Note : This method is to remove the soft ban from your Pokemon GO account. If your account is banned permanently then, follow the method mentioned in the article linked below.

HOW TO : Remove Permanent Ban on Pokemon GO Account

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HOW TO : Unban a Banned Pokemon GO Account

1. Find a local PokéStop, go to it and select this particular PokéStop within the game.

2. Now, spin the circle showing in the middle of the screen on your smartphone But since your account is banned, nothing will happen.

3. Close the PokéStop.

HOW TO : Unban a Banned Pokemon GO Account

4. Now, just repeat the whole process on the same PokéStop 40 times.

5. Once you complete the 40th spin, you’ll see that the ban from your Pokemon Go account is removed and you will get some free stuff in your unbanned account.

For few people, it works in less than 40 spins too. So, just use to unban your Poekmon Go account till it is working.