Pokemon GO is still one of the most popular game and talked about thing on the Internet right now. When it was launched as a game, people had no idea that how active this game is going to make them. If you are playing Pokemon GO then, you should be walking around a lot with your smartphone in your hands.

If you are an addict of this game then, you should be identifying with the jokes and memes about Pokemon GO showing how people are getting great legs by playing this game.

If you are wondering that how much active Pokemon GO has made you, then there is a method available to instantly check exactly how much distance you have covered so far in your pursuit of capturing Pokémon in Pokemon GO. This method is applicable for both Android and iOS.

So if you would like to know that how much you have walked by playing Pokemon GO then, have a look on this step-by-step guide below.

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HOW TO : Find How Much You've Walked Playing Pokemon Go

1. Launch the Pokemon GO game on your smartphone or tablet.

2. On the main screen, you will find a little avatar on the bottom left corner. Tap on it to open up your profile or own personalized character page.

HOW TO : Find How Much You've Walked Playing Pokemon Go

The user profile page gives a lot of information about your own Pokémon GO gameplay data and stat like how many experience points you have earned so far, the medals that you have earned, the date on which you joined the game, and also about the team that you are a member of.

3. Now, scroll down in your profile and go to the place where the medals earned by you are displayed.

HOW TO : Find How Much You've Walked Playing Pokemon Go

4. Tap on the first medal listed under medal titled as "JOGGER".

5. Now, you will see a circular progress bar that shows how much distance has been covered from a total distance of 100 km and also a numerical representation of the distance you have covered by walking while playing the Pokémon GO.

So, how much you have walked so far by playing the Pokemon GO? Share your stat and experience in the Comments section below.