Running out of juice on our devices are one of the biggest fear of our time. To solve this issue, HP recently launched a laptop backpack called Powerup Backpack. This backpack comes with a big 22,400mAh (84 Wh) removable battery pack and it lets you charge the battery of a HP laptop fully. According to HP, Powerup Backpack can charge most of the HP laptop models with up to 17.3-inch screen size.

And good part is that though Powerup Backpack is designed to charge the laptops, it also comes with two USB ports along with the micro USB cables to charge mobile devices. The official press image explicitly mentions the Android devices but you will be able to charge any gadget with the compatible charging port.

HP Powerup Backpack : Full Features, Specification, Price and Availability

HP Powerup Backpack is claimed to be able to charge a tablet up to three times, a laptop ones or a smartphone up to 10 times. There are also two adapters provided for laptop charging cable for different kind of charging ports. So, you will be able to charge laptops with three different kid of charging ports.

Few of the highlighted features of HP Powerup Backpack are given below.

HP Powerup Backpack : Highlighted Features and Specs

- Highlights of HP Powerup Backpack

- High-capacity 22,400 mAh Removable Battery

- Ability to Charge the Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

- Built-in Heat Sensor to Monitors Backpack Temperature and Adjust Accordingly

- Heavy-duty Canvas Exterior with Interior Padding for Long-lasting Laptop Protection along with Durable Straps

- Coated to Resist Humidity

- Separate Rain Cover to Protect the Backpack from Rain

- Two Micro USB Ports and Cables to Charge Android devices

- A Laptop Cable with Two Adapters

The price of HP Powerup Backpack is $199.99 and it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. You can order it by clicking on the Amazon widget above. The shipping will be started from September 14th.