Alcatel announced a set of wearable devices at IFA 2016 event from virtual reality headset to fitness tracker to smartwatches to tracking device along with the 360 Camera.

You can find information regarding all of them in brief and their highlighted features below.

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Alcatel VISION VR Headset

Alcatel VISION VR Headset :  Full Hardware Specs, Features, Price and Availability

- Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

- Dual 3.8″ AMOLED Screens with 1080 x 1020 Pixels Resolutions

- 120° Field of View

- Low 17 Milliseconds Latency

- Pre-loaded Content from Jaunt VR, Magic Interactive Entertainment and Fraunhofer

Alcatel 360 Camera

- Two models : Rectangular Model and a Circular Model

- Dual 210° Fish-Eye Lens

- Capture, Preview and Share on the Smartphones Instantly using USB.

Alcatel 360 Camera :  Full Hardware Specs, Features, Price and Availability

Alcatel MOVE MOVEBAND Fitness Tracker

- Tracks Daily Physical Activities : Distance Traveled, Pace, Time, Calories etc.

- Sleep Tracking

- Alerts for Text Messages, Calls and E-mail

Alcatel MOVETIME WiFi Watch

- Make and Receive Calls Directly from the Wrist

- Shows Emails, SMS and Reminders

- Trackers the Steps Taken, Calories Burnt, Distance Covered, Active Time, Water and Caffeine Intake

- Heart Rate Monitor

- Silver, Dark Grey and Gold Color Options


- Portable GPS Tracker

- Weighs 33 grams

- Can be Connected with Luggage, Keys, Pet’s Collar to keep track of it

- Receive Notifications When the MOVETRACK Enters or Leaves a Defined Safe Zone

- Real-time Tracking

- Up to 4 Days of Battery Life

Alcatel MOVE Track&Talk

- Designed to Ensure Children’s Safety

- Stores up to Five Numbers in Speed-Dial for Quick Calling

- Stores 10 Pre-set Contacts in Case of Emergency

- GPS, GSM and WiFi Connectivity for Tracking within 90 Seconds

- Four Days of Battery Life.

The price of Alcatel VISION VR headset is expected to be between 499 and 599 Euros and the price of Alcatel 360 Camera will be around 99 Euros. All these devices will be available by the end of September, 2016.