Recently we have reviewed the VRS Design Duo Guard iPhone 7 case. And today we are sharing the review of another iPhone 7 case that we received from Mobile Fun for review purpose.

Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case is a multi-utility case that provides protection to the device and also brings few extra features. After trying our hands on the case, here is the detailed hands-on review of the Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case for all readers of Geeky Stuffs.

Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case : Hands-on Review and Features

Retail Box and Packaging

Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case comes in a beautiful and attractive retail box. The front of the retail box is transparent, showing the case inside. It mentions the highlighted features of the case like military grade protection and drop testing rating.

It is also mentioned on the box that the patent of this particular case is requested and its pending. Inside the box, you will find the case in a nice casing along with a Zizo tempered glass screen protector, swivel holster clip and lanyard. Interestingly, there is a user manual provided too.

Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case : Hands-on Review and Features

On the back of the box, highlighted features of the cover is printed along with the product information. The images used on the back of the retail box are not of this particular case model and that's bad.


The design of Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case is a tough looking one and it gives an impression that your phone is gonna be secure in that. The back side is having the nice dotted texture and pattern that provides better grip and the intentionally placed open screws are used to give the rugged look to the case.

There is a circular cut provide to flaunt the Apple logo along with the cuts for the camera and LED flash. There is a also a diagonal kickstand provided that perfectly matches with the diagonal lines on the back of the case. Inside there are nice and shiny criss crossed pattern embossed.

The case features well placed covered slots for the keys and let user access all the functional keys like volume rockers and power key easily. There is a a built-in key chain holder provided at the top left of the case and it kind of adds slight bulk to the case. Below the volume keys, there is a slot provided to attach the swivel holster clip to the case.

At the bottom of the case, there are open slots for the speakers and lightening port. They are well placed and let user access them and make connection with the port without any issue. The top and bottom the case is made with rubberized material for providing protection and better shock absorption.

The combination of red and black colors is used smartly to give this case a beautiful look, specially if you use it with Matte Black version of iPhone 7. In terms of design, Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case is a good one it does not add much bulk to iPhone 7. The brushed metal design on the back looks beautiful. The device fits perfectly and the rubberized edges provide soft and comfortable grip to it.

You can watch our unboxing and hands-on review video of Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case below.


Since here we are talking about a smartphones case, providing protection to the device is the most important thing and the Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case does that perfectly. The material is strong enough to provide nice protection to the device inside.

All of the edges are having the rubberized material on them to for better shock absorption. The open screws also keep the case a bit above the surface, protecting it from the direct impact.

The front side of the case designed in a way that it got some extra part outwards from the screen. So if the phone is dropped face down on the surface, the front of the case will avoid any possible contact between screen and the surface. Also a Zizo 9H tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 7 is provided to protect the screen from any damage.

On the back, there is a nice kickstand that can be used to watch videos while keeping the device in horizontal position. The kickstand is connected with the springs and due to this, it is very tight and rigid. It is actually hard to take it out and requires good amount of effort and strength.

Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case : Hands-on Review and Features

The swivel holster clip fits easily to the case and comes out easily as well. The swivel holster clip let user attach the case and the iPhone 7 to any object or mount on the bike etc. easily. The clip can be 360-degrees rotated to adjust the case correctly and it really improves the functionality of the case.

There is a 40cm lanyard provided too that can be used to wear the iPhone or just hang it somewhere for hands-free experience. Also a key chain holder provided and it adds an extra bulk to the case. I am not sure if anyone would like to use it but talking about the features, it brings and extra feature to the case for sure though not useful.

Since the Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case is designed specially for the iPhone 7, all ports and slots are accessible perfectly when the case is used and none of the function of iPhone 7 is obstructed in anyway.


Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 Case is a very nice and one of the best iPhone 7 case. It is having a tough and rugged design with beautiful textures and color combination, comfortable while holding in hand, provides access to all ports while protecting them and the device. There is a tempered glass screen protector is included in the package too to protect the screen of iPhone 7.

There is a kickstand, lanyard, 360-degrees rotating swivel clip provided as additional feature to improve the functionality and productivity. And considering all these features, the price is totally justified too.

The only thing we did not like is the built-in key chain that looks a bit awkward and adds a bit bulk to the case. If you are looking for a nice iPhone 7 case that serves the purpose and brings some extra features too to the device then, Zizo Bolt iPhone 7 case is really a nice option for you.

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