In the world of technology and gadgets, 3D and Virtual Reality are two major innovations and still under development. Even though virtual reality is getting common for the smartphone and gamers, 3D technology is still not easily available.

MOPIC is a new gadget brand that came out with an idea of turning every smartphone into a 3D device, thanks to the innovative technology they use. It might sound like the technology used in Nintendo 3DS but MOPIC provides better user experience and visual quality.

MOPIC Snap 3D Cases - Features, Specs and Price

MOPIC Snap 3D case is easy to use snap-on case for smartphone and tablets that transforms the screen of the device into a 3D display, thanks to more than a thousand tiny convex lenses placed over the device screen. User need to just attach the case on their device and the screen will convert into a 3D Display.

MOPIC's patented 3D technology works much like a hologram postcard as it shows two different images, depending on the viewer’s angle at the very same time. So you can consider MOPIC Snap 3D Cases as hyper-advanced hologram postcards.

The M Player App uses the front-facing camera of smartphone for iris tracking to provide the 3D experience. M Player’s 3D engine then realigns the images 30 times per second to deliver the right images to each iris with 95% accuracy based on the eye's position. M Player App is available to be be downloaded for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

MOPIC Snap 3D case does not need any external power source and so, using it will not drain the batteries of your smartphone and tablet.

And the good thing is that Snap 3D Cases can fit any kind and size of screen from small 4” smartphones, to tablets, to up to 23” monitors.

MOPIC Snap 3D Cases - Features, Specs and Price

With MOPIC Snap 3D Case, there’s no need of wearing funny looking 3D glasses and you can enjoy 3D experience with naked eyes. Any 3D video you download or stream to your smartphone will work with MOPIC perfectly.

And the future applications for MOPIC will also support the feature films, animation, adult entertainment, video games, mapping, 3D navigation and augmented reality.

MOPIC Snap 3D Case works as the device case when not in use, so serves two purpose. And the retail price of MOPIC Snap 3D Case is just $25, it is a nice deal for sure.

MOPIC is going to unveil the Snap 3D Case at CES 2017 and will be giving away 100 Snap 3D Case for iPhone 7 Plus everyday at their CES booth. If you would like to try your hands on the MOPIC Snap 3D Case and get one for free, you can visit their CES 2017 booth at 51741 Eureka Park.