Mobile World Congress 2017 is just few weeks away and tech brands have started sending the invitation for press and media events. Samsung is expected to launched Galaxy Tab S3, Sony to launch five new Xperia smartphones and it is rumored that Huawei will launch Huawei P10 and P10 Plus at the MWC 2017 event.

And now Alcatel has sent the official invitation for the MWC 2017 event. It is scheduled to be on the morning of February 27th in Barcelona. The Alcatel MWC 2017 invitation comes with the texts "LIGHT UP enjoy now" along with the event date and time. There is the back of a smartphone is shown in the invitation as well that is lit up colorfully.

Alcatel Sends MWC 2017 Press Invites, Expected to Launch Smartphones with Modular Accessories

According to the earlier leaks regarding the upcoming Alcatel products at MWC 2017, it is rumored that Alcatel is going to launch several smartphones. It is also rumored that one of those Alcatel will be a partial modular smartphone that will come with modular accessories to attach to the device like the previously seen Moto Z series.

There is no information yet leaked about the hardware specifications of the upcoming Alcatel smartphones but the leaked images totally matches with the device shown in the Alcatel MWC 2017 press invite.

Alcatel Sends MWC 2017 Press Invites, Expected to Launch Smartphones with Modular Accessories

It is expected that the upcoming Alcatel smartphone will have tiny LED lights on the back of the device as shown in the press invite and they will light up according to the music being played on the smartphone or when a call or notification arrives. It is also supposed to consume much less resource and battery from the smartphone than the connector used to Moto Z series phones.

It is also rumored that the upcoming Alcatel smartphones will have the replaceable back covers and people will be able to get new features through them.

But so far, all of these are just are rumored features and specs. We will come to know all the details once the devices are launched officially at the Alcatel press event at MWC 2017.