Few days back we have posted about all new features of Android O, the upcoming version of the Android OS. We have also shared how you can download the Developer Preview version of the Android O on available devices. One of the new feature of the Android O is the new Pixel Launcher that it brings.

But what if you are not having any of the Android smartphone required to install the Android O Developer Preview? Or what if you do not want to try it as you do not want to face lots of bugs on your primary smartphone using it daily but still would love to have the new and beautiful Android O launcher on your device?

HOW TO : Download and Install Android O Pixel Launcher on Any Android Smartphone

Officially you need to either use the developer preview of Android O or wait for the final build of Android O to be launched after few months. But unofficially you can have the Android O Pixel Launcher right now, thanks to an Android developer at XDA-Developers.

The APK of Android O Pixel Launcher is extracted from the developer preview of Android O and now it is available for everyone. It supports the Android devices running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS or higher.

Though it will not bring all features of the Android O to your device, you will still be able to feel the new look of upcoming version of Android and the new features in the Android O Pixel Launcher.

But also keep in mind that since this launcher is extracted from a developer preview, you might find and face some bugs, crashes and stability issues with it.

You can download the Android O Pixel Launcher APK file from the below link.

Download the Android O Pixel Launcher APK

Once downloaded, move it your smartphone and install the APK file like any other APK file on your Android smartphone and you will have the brand new Android O Pixel Launcher on your smartphone