360-degree images are one of the most popular thing on social media right now. Facebook is already having the support for 360-degree images and videos now. Twitter also introduced the 360-degree videos few months back as demo and soon they will be available to users.

But one of the most popular image sharing social media app and site Instagram is still not having the 360-degree images or videos support yet. But good thing is that there is now an unofficial solution available to upload 360-degree images on Instagram.

HOW TO : Upload 360-Degree Images on Instagram

Swipeable is an iOS app that uses the Instagram's ability to group multiple photos and upload them all together as a single post on Instagram as a method to upload 360-degree images on Instagram. So, the Swipeable app uses Instagram's new “Multiple Photo” feature to provide users the ability to upload huge 360-degree images on Instagram by splitting them across multiple, smaller photos in a panoramic way.

To upload 360-degree images on Instagram, user first need to capture a 360° image first and and post it to Instagram as using the Swipeable app as multiple images in a carousel to create to 360-degree panoramic effect on Instagram.

It automatically divides your 360° photo or panorama into multiple square pieces to seamlessly share to Instagram with carousel view. You can also use Instagram's filter effects on your Swipeable images. And you can start uploading 360-degree images on Instagram immediately and Swipeable does not requires any signup or account creation.

Swipeable is available on App Store to download for free and soon the Android version of the app will be available too.

Holumino Limited, app’s developer describes the Swipeable app as;

“Swipeable is meticulously tailor-made for Instagram users. Just pick up your panorama and the app does the rest. Its neat, simple and intuitive user interface navigates you in photo sharing. Swipeable automatically divides your panorama into square pieces.

You will be able to share the photo with the coolest new Instagram feature – Multiple Photos. Apply a single filter on everything and a single caption and location as well as likes and comments will apply to the whole post. Friends can swipe back and forth to explore your journey.”