In the world of technology and social media, 360-degree imaging is getting popularity now. Facebook is allowing people to post 360-degree videos and now 360-degrees panoramic live videos are available on Facebook. Twitter also showed off this feature few months back. And people are already posting 360-degree images on Instagram following an unofficial method.

Another popular thing these days is the Virtual Reality and the real fun of VR is in the 3D content. You can enjoy 360-degree images and videos in VR headsets but the 3D experience would be far greater in terms of fun.

Vuze - The World's First Consumer 3D 360° Virtual Reality Camera

You will find lots of 360-degrees cameras in the market but all of them capture the images and videos in 2D only. So if you are looking for 3D 360-degree cameras available for consumers then you will have to try hard to find something.

Vuze Camera is the world's first consumer 3D 360° virtual reality camera that let you capture 3D virtual reality videos 360-degrees. So it is easy to understand that the 3D 360° virtual reality 4K video recording is the most highlighted feature of Vuze and this is what makes it superior than rest of the 360-degrees cameras currently available in the market for consumers.

Vuze comes with 8 Full HD cameras and 4 directional microphones to capture the images and videos in 3D, 2D and 360-degrees with the help of an easy to use system. User can record 4K resolution videos and enjoy them in virtual reality headset as spherical videos. It is claimed that Vuze captures up to two hours of videos on a single charge.

Below is a 2D 360-degree video recording and image samples of Vuze camera, the same video can be converted into 3D from the player settings if you want to watch it in 3D. You can watch many more including 3D VR videos created by Vuze camera in the Showroom section of official Vuze website.

Vuze - The World's First Consumer 3D 360° Virtual Reality Camera

Vuze camera is compact and the dimension of the device is just 12 x 12 x 3 cm. So you can easily carry it anywhere you like and use it instantly to capture a moment in 3D and 360-degree.

There are dedicated iOS and Android apps provided to control the camera by using your smartphone. For social media lovers, the feature to uploaded the captured content directly to supported platforms like YouTube and Facebook is also available for instant sharing.

Vuze camera comes with a dedicated software suite, Humaneyes VR Studio, that allows users to perform all post-processing, editing, and production work for high quality videos.

The complete list of all hardware specs and features of Vuze 3D 360° VR camera are given below.

Vuze 3D 360° Virtual Reality Camera - Full Hardware Specs and Features

- H.264 Video Format

- Video Resolution 4K Panorama @ 30fps

- Video Recording Rate up to 120 Mbps VBR

- Photo Resolution 4K Sphere

- AAC Audio Format

- 8 Full HD Lenses with 180 x 120 Field of View

- Spherical 360 x 180 Degrees Field of View

- Single Operation Button

- Sound, LED Light Indicator

- Removable microSD Card Storage

- Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHZ

- 4 MEMS 48Hz Microphones with 16bit PCM Audio

- Remote Control with iOS and Android Apps

- USB 2.0, Wi-Fi Data Transfer

- 12 x 12 x 3 cm Dimension

Vuze camera is the winner of this year's Innovative Awards at Consumer Electronics Show 2017 event and you can buy it from the official Vuze Camera website by visiting the link given below.

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