HTC U11 was launched last month with a bang and it received the great reviews from everyone. One of the most highlighted feature of HTC U11 is the Edge Sense popularized as Squeeze feature that let user perform various tasks by pressing the bezel of the HTC U11.

If you do not know yet about the HTC Edge Sense of HTC U11, have a look on the below video.

So far it supports mostly the stock applications only and tasks only but it was informed to us by HTC team that son it will start supporting third-party apps too. And today HTC has shown a video teasing fans about the upcoming features of HTC U11 Edge Sense Squeeze.

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Few of them are ability to zoom in while using the Google Maps, zoom in and out to the images while watching them in Photos app, changing the Calendar modes, answering and disconnecting the call, dismissing the alarms, pause and play videos etc.

You can watch the HTC U11 video with new Edgse Sense Squeeze features video below.

HTC is also asking for suggestion from users for how to include more features and activity to Edge Sense and if you are having some ideas in your mind then, feel free to share them with HTC on Twitter.