Lenovo has just announced some new AI enabled concept devices at the third annual Lenovo Tech World innovation summit. Lenovo Research officially launched its Artificial Intelligence Lab in March, which includes more than 100 researchers across the globe.

The long list of AI devices include the daystAR AR headset, CAVA contextual aware virtual assistant, a standalone vision processing unit, SmartVest that is the world’s first 12-lead medical-grade wireless smart ECG wear, Xiaole - a better customer service platform and SmartCast+ that is an intelligent, object recognition, interactive speaker with projection and AR interaction.

Below is more detail and information about each of these products.

Lenovo daystAR AR Headset

Lenovo AI Concept Devices

daystAR - As the name suggest, it is an AR device. It is basically an optical display that comes with the free-formed surface lenses. It features a 40-degree field of view and sports an independent vision processing unit. daystAR lets use scan, upload and edit 3D content through the Lenovo AR platform.

With the help of Lenovo AR Platform, developers will be bale to use daystAR to create various useful applications like Cloud Object Recognition, Multiplayer Interaction, Remote Assistance and 3D Content Manager for different kind of industries and serve them.

CAVA – It is a virtual assistant that uses deep machine learning for face recognition systems. It uses the natural language understanding technologies to understand and manage user's calendar events and provide reminder based on user activity, tasks and habits.

SmartVest – As mentioned above, it is a 12-lead medical grade smart clothing garment. There are total 10 textile sensors embedded into the ECG clothing to monitor various cardiovascular activities of the user and provides data for a better and healthy lifestyle.

It is designed to record ECG signals 24x7 and it is able to identify various issues like tachycardia, atrial fibrillation etc. Once detected, it can send an alert to user to alert about the situation.

Xiaole – It is a conversations based customer service platform that constantly learns from the customer and their conversation to provide a personalized customized user experience 24x7.

SmartCast+ – It is an interactive, intelligent speaker that recognizes various kind of sounds, objects and based on the finding delivers AR experiences. Children can learn Chinese using it as projects their illustrations and Chinese subtitles for immersive learning.

These are just concept devices and Lenovo has provided no information that when and if these products will be available to consumer or not.