One of the best ways to generate quality leads and increase conversion of your website is to create a landing page. As a single goal-oriented page designed for a specific purpose, creating a landing page for various SEO or PPC campaigns as proven to yield two-fold the revenue as opposed to sending your traffic to a regular web page.

And this reason for this is simple.

As a goal-oriented page, a landing page is aligned with your marketing campaign. Here, you highlight a single goal that you want your visitors to undertake - be it signing up for a demo, providing emails for free eBook download, amongst others. Thus, as there is only one single action on any given landing page, it helps limit distraction and reduces bounce rate, leading to a higher conversion.

However, while creating a landing page for your business is an easy task, ensuring your landing page brings the required traffic, on the other hand, can be tough if it is optimized for conversion. All successful landing page comprises of basic elements that are a must-have in order for it to capture the audience attention and boost revenue. Therefore, if you want to know what these key elements are then here is an infographic that can help you out.

This landing page infographic will show you precisely how to build a landing page that helps garner targeted leads. It will also help you steer clear of common landing page mistakes that can hurt your bottom line. Comprising of 11 best practices, this infographic is all that you need to create a perfect landing page that helps boost your ROI.

To give you a glimpse, here are the key landing page elements that this infographic covers
  • Pick the right colour scheme.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA).
  • Write concise content that highlights the benefits.
  • Keep your form field short and simple.
  • Ensure that the lead capture form is placed above the fold.
  • Don’t distract your visitors with too many links. Keep it minimum (1-2 links).
  • Add relevant images and multimedia.
  • Add social proof and trust symbols.
  • Include genuine customers/clients testimonials.
  • Don’t forget to run an A/B split test on your landing page.

These are the basic elements that are essential on all landing pages As such, to learn more about these elements, go ahead now and take a look at this infographic right away!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page [Infographic by LeadForest]

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page Infographic