Earlier we have posted a detailed hands-on review of PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7 Plus cases. And now we are announcing a giveaway of 5 PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7 and 7 Plus worth $250 to readers of Geeky Stuffs.

PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7/7 Plus case is the lightest, thinnest and strongest case currently available in the market as it is made of aramid, an material used in aerospace and manufacturing of bulletproof vests and sports cars.

PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Case International Giveaway

Aramid is claimed to be five times more stronger than the steel of the same weight and that is why it is used in the places where the combination of durability and lightness is required. And that is why, PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7/7 Plus case is one of the slimmest and most durable smartphone case.

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PITAKA Aramid iPhone 7/7+ Cases - International Giveaway
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