After the catastrophe that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung created the Galaxy Note 8. Aimed to improve Samsung's fortunes after the Note 7 debacle, Samsung did not take a tried and tested route They rather went all out ditching the boring Note look and created a sleek and modern design for the latest Note.

The Note 8 had curved edges and long 18:9 display with minimal bezels which oozed quality and style. Switching up its game, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 housed dual cameras of 12 MP each (a first for Samsung).

Incorporating many features and with upgrades to the existing features, Samsung’s Note 8 has managed to revive the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Despite the losses faced by the smartphone giant, Samsung has managed to hit back with a better and more advanced version of the Note series. Letting go of the old bulky and standard design the company used for the Note series, Samsung Note 8 hits well with the Note lovers and users.

But the Note 8 which was one of the most popular phones for Samsung, is now replaced by the Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9 comes with an all new improved stylus with Bluetooth compatibility, a brighter display and a much larger 4000mAh battery. With each new launch, it's always great to reminisce the past, and to do just that, Hometop came up with a cool infographic that looks at the history and timeline of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones right from the very first Galaxy Note in 2011 all the way to the Note 9.

The History and Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones (Infographic)

The History and Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones (Infographic) -
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