At the Architecture Day 2018, Intel has revealed ITS CPU core roadmaps through 2021 including various topics like the next generation of integrated graphics, the future of Intel’s graphics business, new chips built on 3D packaging technologies, and parts of the microarchitecture for the 2019 consumer processors.

Intel's Sunny Cove chip is built on 10nm architecture and it will be available in the market in 2019. It is designed to offer increased single-threaded performance, improved scalability and new instructions.

Intel unveils Next Generation Roadmap with10nm Sunny Cove CPU

For the high-performance Core microarchitecture, Intel has selected three new codenames over the next three years. The Sunny Cove will have AVX-512 and after pairing with Gen11 graphics, will be called Ice Lake.

Willow Cove is expected to be designed for 2020 and more probably on the 10nm architecture as well. The highlights of it will be cache redesign, new transistor optimizations, and additional security features.

Intel unveils Next Generation Roadmap with10nm Sunny Cove

Golden Cove will be available in 2021 and is most expected to come on 7nm architecture. Golden Cove will come with an increase in single threaded performance, a focus on AI performance, and potential networking and AI additions to the core design.

The upcoming micro-architecture for 2019 is Tremont designed on 10nm architecture to focus on single threaded performance increases, battery life increases, and network server performance. Gracemont will be a 2021 product and it will have additional single threaded performance and a focus on increased frequency.