At the CES 2019 event, HTC has announced its brand new virtual reality headset Vive Cosmos which is designed and developed to be mainstream VR headset. Vive Cosmos doesn’t require any external sensors to perform and uses fully tracked motion controllers.

Vive Cosmos is designed to connect to a computer but it is expected that it will be potentially expanded to other platforms including smartphones in the future as HTC said that Vive Cosmos will have“the capability to be powered by more than a traditional gaming PC and it will come with the modular customizations

HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality Headsets

Vive Cosmos comes with a flip-up screen that allows user to see the real world without taking off the headset. The tracking cameras are provided on both on the front and back sides. The controller comes with a joystick and buttons instead of the original Vive’s trackpads.

Along with the HTC Cosmos, HTC also launched the high-end Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset with native eye tracking. As the name suggests, it is the improved version of Vive Pro VR headset.

HTC Vive Pro Eye comes with the “foveated rendering” technology that renders sharp images wherever the user is looking in a virtual environment and reduces the image quality of other objects.

HTC Vive Pro Eye will allow users to have a hands-free interaction in virtual reality and even physically challenged people will be able to use the VR headset perfectly.

There is no information regarding the pricing and availability of both HTC Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro Eye provided but hopefully they will be available soon in the market.