Darisni, Middle East’s first smart-device platform that instantly connects students with qualified tutors, is revising its offering in order to better meet its users’ needs resulting in the platform’s expansion, including new subjects, exclusive video content, mock tests, and more.

There are currently more than 130,000 registered Darisni users in Saudi Arabia, who have accessed nearly 140,000 lessons so far. Due to such high demand in Saudi Arabia, Darisni organised focus groups in order to better understand the needs of Saudi students, and to learn about their needs and challenges.

Darisni - Smartphone Learning App

The feedback gathered from these groups, in addition to analyses of data gathered through the app to determine trends and patterns, has led Darisni to introduce new features that provide a more thorough educational experience to its expansive database of student users.

In addition to Mathematics, English and Arabic, Darisni now offers Science as a tutoring subject, including Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The app also sports a new interface with an intelligent home screen that gives the student user a snapshot overview of their activity and learning, as well as providing exclusive videos produced and published by Darisni, tailored to curricula followed by students in the region. Additionally, Darisni now offers affordable monthly subscription plans.

Darisni can be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices. School and university students can use the multi-subject platform to connect with subject specialists, who will then assist them with the learning and understanding required to answer their questions.

Darisni offers monthly complimentary hours to enhance the learning process and encourage students to discover this new technology.

Darisni - Smartphone Learning App

Speaking on the additions to Darisni, Noor Boodai, Founder and CEO, said:
We have worked closely with students to determine what will benefit them the most. Every student is unique and has a different way in which they absorb and learn, therefore we addressed this challenge by expanding our offering to be more aligned with the needs of today’s learners – which are not necessarily being met by traditional education methods.

Education today needs to be more personalised and targeted towards the development of individuals, with a focus on how they can contribute to society. E-learning, such as Darisni offers, enables students to learn at a self-paced level, giving them the opportunity to access and understand information in their own manner. By aggregating student behavioural and performance data, Darisni uses its deep understanding to the advantage of students, providing custom content that allows them to carve their own unique educational path.

We understand that teachers are important in the education ecosystem, and we have studied their needs when it comes to delivering effective learning. To facilitate a better experience for them, we are actively working on an interface that provides the tools and resources needed by educators to facilitate more effective and efficient collaboration between teachers and students.