The holy month of Ramadan is starting from tomorrow and to celebrate this moment Twitter has launched three new emojis dedicated to the month of Ramadan and the list of official Twitter hashtags that will bring those emojis to the social media platform conversations.

These new Ramadan hashtags and emojis on Twitter will be available in seven languages (English, Arabic, Bahasa, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi and Bengali) to help bring the Ramadan spirit to users’ conversations.

Official Twitter List of Ramadan Hashtags and Emojis
The hashtags will unlock new emojis showing a crescent moon, a glass of yogurt referring the custom of Iftar and a lantern.

Some of these official Twitter Ramadan hashtags in English language are below that can be used on Twitter. You can watch rest of them in the video embedded below.

New Twitter Hashtags and Emojis for Ramadan


The top 5 hashtags used about Ramadan on Twitter are -

1. #Quran
2. رمضان# (Ramadan)
3. ﷺ# (Peace be upon him)
4. قرآن#
5. #Ramadan