At the upcoming IFA 2019 event, Fossil is expected to launch new designer smartwatches. According to new listings on the FCC’s website, Fossil has registered new designer smartwatches for the IFA 2019 launch.

It is expected that these new Fossil smartwatches will arrive arrive under the Diesel, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, and the Fossil brand names.

Fossil Designer Smartwatches - IFA 2019

FCC has certified these new Fossil smartwatches for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi usage. The model numbers of them start with DW10, followed by the letter that stands for the brand name of the smartwatches

So it is expected that these new watches will be a new Fossil watch (DW10F1), Diesel watch (DW10D1), Emporio Armani (DW10E1), and two Michael Kors smartwatches (DW10M1 and DW10M2).

Fossil is already in progress for the launch of two new models, Access Runway and the Access Sofie.

We will have more information regarding these Fossil designer smartwtaches as the IFA 2019 will keep coming closer.