Canon EMEA has today officially announced that it is shutting down its Irista cloud photo storage service on 31 January 2020.

With this announcement, Canon EMEA will move away from the cloud image storage industry and will focus more on its imaging technology and connected services that sit closer to its cameras, such as Canon Image Gateway and Canon Camera Connect.

Irista Cloud Photo Storage Service

This will also bring an opportunity for Canon EMEA to partner with experts in end-user services.

The existing Irista users, as the compensation and goodwill gesture, can have a complimentary 2-month membership of Adobe Lightroom (1TB), where users can easily edit, organise, store and share photos from anywhere.

The existing Irista users will be able to download all data from their Irista account before the service closes on 31 January 2020. Irista has provided clear instaructions on their website about how to download the data from their account. Once the service closes on 31 January 2020, all customer data will be deleted.