Western Digital has launched the Western Digital iNAND® MC EU521 drive, a compact USB storage device that enables Mobile device developers enhance the smartphone experience with fifth-generation connectivity technology. iNAND EU521 is available in 128GB and 256GB capacities.

Western Digital iNAND® MC EU521

Western Digital is one of the first pioneers of this technology, as it supported the implementation of the WriteBooster with UFS 3.1. Western Digital was one of the first companies in the sector to provide commercial storage solutions compatible with the uses and capabilities of the fifth generation, according to global flash memory standard UFS 3.1.

The Western Digital iNAND MC EU521 compact drive allows mobile device developers to take full advantage of the UFS 3.1 (Gear 4/2 Lanes) high bandwidth as well as single-level cell buffering (SLC). It also provides sequential writing speeds of up to 800Mbps to better enhance user experiences of applications including downloading 4K and 8K files, transferring large files from the cloud and electronic games.

Western Digital's INAND digital storage solutions for smartphones and mobile devices rely on 96-layer 3D NAND technologies and advanced UFS interface to provide an exceptional user experience. The integrated commercial suite of products is designed to maintain the high and continuous performance of data-driven applications such as 4K video, augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Craig Stacee, Director of Memory and Storage Division, said: Today's smartphones require more robust performance and capabilities because they have become the main computing device for all needs, from watching video, playing music, games and photography to payment and drawing The buffer, or what is known as SLC, in the iNAND EU521 storage device with WriteBooster technology provides users with many important performance improvements that, when adopting the technology of the fifth generation, will provide unprecedented speeds in downloading movies. Features and other capabilities will make EU521 a great choice for mobile device manufacturers today.

The Western Digital app for version 3.1 of The global flash memory standard issued by the Solid Engineering Technology Association of the Joint Council for Electronics Engineering will provide fifth-generation applications with additional writing capabilities and enhance the capabilities of temporary storage which will enable smart phones to download at high speeds, in addition to speeding up the storage of large files and support other data-intensive applications.Ajital by hurrying commitment to new standards to provide mobile devices by manufacturers of ready-they can easily check them.