The smartphone industry is highly dynamic and innovative due to technological advancements and new product proliferation. Product differentiation is still important for smartphone manufacturers as, over the past decade, consumers have selected smartphones based on photography features, design, price, screen resolution and familiarity with the interface.

Through in-depth market research among diverse regional segments, vivo has localized the specs of the X50 and X50 Pro to better cater to consumer demand and preferences in various markets. Here’s a look at some of the top features of the two smartphones.

Professional Photography

vivo’s X50 series phones are positioned as professional photography smartphones that deliver industry-leading photography experiences to users. The X50 and X50 Pro offer powerful, comprehensive and differentiated photography features. The X50 comprises a 32MP front camera and four rear cameras, including a 48MP Main Camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, a 13MP Professional Portrait Camera and a 5MP Super Macro Camera (actual photo pixels are 2MP).

vivo X50 Pro

The X50 Pro also has a 32MP front camera, while its four rear cameras comprise a 48MP Gimbal Main Camera, a 13MP Professional Portrait Camera, an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera and an 8MP 5x Telescopic Camera. Both models come preinstalled with cutting-edge features, such as Super Night Camera, Extreme Night Vision, Astro Mode, Pro Sports Mode, Motion AF Tracking and Digital Zoom and have been built to help users capture motion and night photos, rivaling professional photography equipment.


Smooth Display

The X50 series comes with a flexible curved screen and uses chip-on-plastic (COP) bonding technology. Compared to traditional IPS (in-plane switching), the COP screen has a slimmer size and lighter weight, so users can use the phones in a more relaxed manner. The 3D Curved Ultra O Screen is bendable, flexible and more durable than previous screens, and reduces the chance of accidental device damage.

The X50 and X50 Pro sport a 6.56-inch AMOLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz sample rates that refreshes and responds faster. For added smoothness, particularly in games, the vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) technology reduces heating, leading to a cooler experience in the palm of a user’s hand.

5G Capabilities

vivo’s X50 series has a 5G Seamless Switch – a mode that switches among four networks to help users choose the optimal one in real time. The switch function between 5G and 4G networks is enabled in accordance with network usage to ensure superior internet speed and power-saving.

All-day Usage Battery Life

The X50 and X50 Pro reign supreme due to the intense power of a large-capacity battery and vivo’s 33W FlashCharge 2.0. In a mere 30 minutes, the smartphone battery will charge to around 57 per cent, meaning energy is instantly regained so that users can carry on their game, work and life without interruptions.

Trendy Design

The X50 series builds on vivo’s original design aspirations and follows the X series design style. With elegance and simplicity as driving forces behind their looks, the X50 and X50 Pro encapsulate contemporary design aesthetics. All X50 series smartphones are adorned with a unique choker pattern at the top, which originated as a high-fashion accessory in France. The choker has the same color, simple lines, and breaks the sense of monotony and reduced thickness on the top of the center frame, thus becoming a unique symbol.

To bring better visual experiences to consumers, the X50 series leverages elegance and originality to produce three fascinating colors – Frost Blue, Alpha Grey and Glaze Black. (Model color combinations vary based on local markets, and are subject to availability.)