EZVIZ, the smart home security brand has launched a new solution for consumers to improve indoor air quality through an advanced filtration and disinfectant system. The new EZVIZ UV-C Air Purifier can aid in treating indoor air, giving consumers the ultimate cleaner and healthier environment. 

The EZVIZ UV-C Air Purifier can clean, disinfect, and provide healthier air to households. EZVIZ UV-C can accommodate up to 42 m2 of space in a house thanks to a CADR capacity of up to 350 m3/hour. This value translates to the volume capacity of air that can be processed and cleaned by EZVIZ UV-C in a period of one hour, to safeguard a family household from various pollutants in the air. 

This protection is achieved through a four-stage filtration system to purify and disinfect the air. This process starts from pre-filtering, HEPA filter filtration, activated carbon filter filtering, and lastly powerful UV-C light to absorb, remove and neutralize harmful substances from inhaled air.

EZVIZ UV-C Air Purifier

1. Pre-Filtration

The air filtration process begins by separating large particles such as hair and dust particles using a simple, effective, and easy to clean filter. This process is able to extend the life of HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon.

2. HEPA Filter

The HEPA Filter is capable of trapping fine particles that normally cannot be captured by ordinary filter systems. The HEPA Filter has strict standards so that it can capture 95% of airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. As a scale, human hair has a diameter of 50-70 microns.

3. Activated Carbon Filter

In the third filtration stage, activated carbon are able to neutralize odours and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and other particles released by household products.

4. UV-C Rays

UV-C radiation is the last stage before the filtered air is continued outwards for healthier air circulation. UV-C rays have been clinically proven to be effective at killing various viruses and bacteria. By breaking the molecular bonds in the DNA/RNA of viruses, UV-C light makes viruses and bacteria unable to reproduce. The EZVIZ air purifier uses a UV-C light to radiate purified air before sending it out to your room.

EZVIZ UV-C still provides 3 device modes that can be adjusted according to consumer needs, namely Sleep Mode, Auto Mode, and Turbo Mode. Sleep Mode is suitable for silent operations, so users can leave the machine on even at late night or during sleep. Auto Mode can adjust EZVIZ UV-C to the conditions in the room and increase operations accordingly, while Turbo Mode drives the highest EZVIZ UV-C operation for maximum air filtering results.

EZVIZ UV-C Air Purifier is priced at SAR 999 and available at Carrefour and online at www.e-retail.com