Snap Inc. has released a new study highlighting how Snapchatters in KSA are adopting new behaviors and values that are changing the world today. 

Snapchat reaches more people than other major social media platforms in Saudi Arabia, reaching 90% of 13-34 year olds in the Kingdom, with a monthly addressable reach of 18 million and nearly 90% of KSA daily users interact with Lenses every day. The “Snapchat Generation” is also significant considering it has an estimated discretionary spending power of SAR 1.4 trillion in KSA alone, according to the study.

Appreciating authenticity, the Snapchat Generation doesn’t have the time to be fake, with a higher percentage of Snapchatters believing in the value of being real online compared to non-Snapchatters. The Snapchat Generation is also more likely to delete things they’ve posted online if they no longer reflect their current opinions, keeping their online image reflecting their most up-to-date values.  Moreover, half of those surveyed say that they are less likely to purchase from brands that promote the opposite side of social issues that matter to them.

When it comes to relationships, the Snapchat Generation places tremendous value on their connections with family and friends, believing that they will ultimately emerge from the current pandemic with a stronger appreciation for family. Tools such as communication and camera apps help keep those relationships strong. The region’s Snapchat Generation is, for example, 1.2x more likely than non-Snapchatters to feel like they are a part of others’ lives via their stories on social, communication, and camera apps.

The complete study is available below in the form of an infographic below or you can read it in more detail by clicking this link

The Snapchat Generation in MENA (Infographic)

The Snapchat Generation in MENA (Infographic)