HDM Global has announced the Nokia 105 4G, the most affordable 4G phone from Nokia to date. 

Enlarged menus make icons and fonts bigger, and browsing easier so you can find the app of your choice in a jiffy. And with text-to-speech reading, the Nokia 105 4G can read your text messages to let you know which app you're using, making browsing your phone that much simpler.

4G connectivity ensures that this feature phone gets the fastest speeds, and with VoLTE HD connections, your conversations will be crystal clear; You will not need to shout for the other person to hear you and with this degree of clarity and clarity in your communication, you will feel closer to your loved ones. Offering simple technology, the Nokia 105 4G aspires to be one of the most affordable and useful feature phones on the market.

Nokia 105 4G

The Nokia 105 4G meets the standards Nokia phone customers expect, with its reliable 1020mAh battery and a built-to-last blend of classic design with a modern twist. The Nokia 105 4G phone comes in three different elegant colors, blue, red and black. Although it's small enough to fit in your pocket when needed, the Nokia 105 4G isn't a phone you'll want to hide.

With wired and wireless FM radio and a 3.5mm audio jack, you can listen to your radio programs on the go. It's a device that will keep you smiling, with games your whole family can enjoy, including Snake!

And with the bright flashlight on Nokia 105 4G, you'll have light when you need it - when your keys get lost behind the sofa before you come home from work. Nokia 105 4G is more than just a phone; It comes with the modern essentials that you will want most.

The Nokia 105 4G phone will be available in Saudi Arabia from July 29 in blue and black colors, with a starting price of 107 SAR