In Saudi Arabia, the oven range is the centerpiece of any Saudi’s kitchen, so it should look and function flawlessly. Designed for life and style, LG Electronics (LG) latest InstaView Electric Oven boasts a large capacity with innovative features to make cooking easier. Create the perfect kitchen for any lifestyle with a range of intelligent functions to elevate meals. The InstaView Electric Oven is an intuitive design that provides a next level cooking experience that enhances the quality of food while reducing cooking hassles. 

The complete cooking solution integrates the company’s popular InstaView™ technology with AI-powered advanced customer service and connectivity to smart cooking platforms in a seamless package that inspires users to create nutritious meals in the comfort of their own homes. With InstaView technology, tapping twice on the oven’s glass window turns on the interior oven light for easy visual monitoring of the dish as it’s cooking. 

LG InstaView Electric Oven

EasyClean and Self Clean help to maintain a cleaner oven for maximum performance, removing light food residue with the power of steam in only 10 minutes while Self Clean employs high heat to eliminate tougher splatter from the oven’s interior. With smart technology built in, homeowners can use the ThinQ® App to remotely control their oven and receive maintenance tips and alerts with LG’s Proactive Customer Care. 

Make crispy snacks like sambousek and falafel without frying them in oil. The LG InstaView Electric Oven comes with an air fryer built in, creating more cooking options than ever before. With up to 6.3-cubic feet of oven capacity, homeowners can reduce kitchen clutter and help create healthier dishes with significantly less oil compared to traditional deep frying.  

LG’s True Convection technology circulates hot air at high speeds for crunchy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside goodness that’s evenly cooked throughout. And because this means no preheating is required, meals go from fridge to table faster than conventional ovens.

The LG InstaView oven is available online and in store at local retailers.