Global technology leader, Xiaomi, has always promised to relentlessly build amazing products for customers to enjoy, and has now extended this promise to its services as well. Xiaomi’s online based and locally authorized service centre in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) gives users access to a variety of repair and replacement services right at their fingertips.

The newly established services hub can be reached through a hotline (800-100-0133) from Sunday through Thursday, 9 am – 5pm.

Xiaomi introduces new Customer Services in Saudi Arabia

Created according to a customer-first strategy, the new services Xiaomi provides include hotline support, and ensure fast and convenient pickup and delivery for thousands of customers across the KSA. With a solid, local base of certified, experienced engineers, and 100% guaranteed inventory of parts, it is safe to say that the company has crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s with this offering. 

Alan Chen, the General Manager for Xiaomi in Saudi Arabia said, “we are happy to present our Saudi clientele with these new services that we hope will only add to the quality of their experience and their satisfaction with our products and services.”